Hospitalists are providers who focus solely on inpatient care. Because we don’t see patients outside the hospital, our team is able to offer timely, compassionate, and quality care which helps patients achieve optimum health and return to their daily lives as quickly as possible post-hospitalization.

Although there can be many specialties within the hospitalist category, our team is comprised solely of board-certified Internal Medicine and Family Medicine physicians. We also have highly qualified Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants on our team.

Hospitalists are hospital doctors – which means we are in house 24 hours a day. By entrusting the hospitalist service to care for hospitalized patients, your primary care physician is able to focus on meeting the needs of their office patients, knowing their admitted patients are getting timely, top-notch, compassionate care during their hospital stay.

Since hospitalists only follow patients while they’re admitted in the hospital, all visits other than hospitalization will be done by the patient’s primary doctor.

The short answer is no. It is imperative to get your medication from a physician who is tracking your past and future medical needs. For this reason, it is best to contact your primary care physician after you’re discharged from the hospital to ensure you have everything you need.