Tara Strickland
Tara grew up in a small town with three red lights along with her three incredible brothers, who provided an ever-competitive atmosphere. Tara has always had a passion for people and the pathophysiology of disease processes. As an RN, she certified with the American Association of Critical Care Nurses in Critical Care, and spent time travelling the country while working in multiple Intensive Care Units. She then earned a Master’s in Nursing and became an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner with a focus of Family Practice. Tara says, “I absolutely love it! This isn’t just a job, or even a career so much as it is a calling. What a privilege I find in the opportunities allotted by caring for patients and their families in a time of need, a time of illness.”
Though I cannot read music; I sing, play guitar, and have written several songs!
I’m currently learning Spanish fluently, in hopes to soon visit the child I sponsor in Honduras.
I thought spiders were my biggest fear—until I got onto a plane with the intention of jumping out! Yes, I’ve been sky-diving!